i am twenty and i don’t know what that means. i think it means that i am more forgiving of myself. i understand what growth is now. i think i understand it. i understand it means mistakes, which have consequence. adulthood is a tangible ordeal now. teenagers


You’re not supposed to get over things right away?

And you aren’t born with an innate knowledge of how the world works?

When you realize something about yourself the shock of that realization is overwhelming.

The exact series of events that lead you to the ‘light’, what it means to you and usually regret that you didn’t realize it sooner.

That regret is contaminating the growth in your understanding of perception. Relish in the growth of your human intention.

Also guess what: in three seconds you’re going to come to another contradicting realization because you are a rad evolving sac of thought.

Story of my life by 1d somehow inspired this train of thought. Thanks, radio.